Who am I?

First of all,

Anne Darcy is a pseudonym. I’m sure you’re shocked, right? I’m really just a simple woman who wants to keep being a simple woman. But I can tell you about me.

I grew up in the Midwest United States with my parents and two younger sisters. No brothers. Although I begged my parents to get me one as soon as possible. I wasn’t picky either. As long as he was an older brother. I needed someone be my defender! I was devastated to learn that my parents couldn’t birth me an older brother. So, I rationally suggested they look into adoption. Sadly, I never got an older brother.

Mr. Darcy and I met in college, dated for what felt like forever, finally married, and are living the country life on a 12-acre farmstead in the frozen-half-of-the-year “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” We love it here during the unfrozen half of the year. LOL! Of course, then we have to deal with the state bird. Not the official state bird, which is the Loon, but with the unofficial one, which is the mosquito. During those months, my perfume is insecticide, because mosquitos love me.

We live in relative harmony with the wild and not-so-wild animals that surround us. We own 6 Cocker Spaniels (it’s a long story), 3 cats, 4 cockatiels, and a pony named Jedi. He’s a rescue and he has attitude! We used to have ducks and chickens, who lived happy lives roaming our farmstead and filling our farm with happy sounds for over ten years, but the wildlife (bald eagles and foxes, we think) were very hungry and within a few days, we didn’t have any left. As much as I loved having them on my farm, I’m not interested in confining them or giving free meals to wildlife so that was the end of our duck/free-range chicken days. I think I will miss the crowing, cackling, and quacking for the rest of my life, though.

Our children are beautiful adults and are living happy lives elsewhere so we are empty nesters. It’s been a challenge to adjust, but we are enjoying our freedom now.

We are both avid readers, but with totally different styles. Mr. Darcy will read several books at once. Me? I stick with one, usually ignoring real life in the process, until I finish it. Mundane things like sleep and laundry can wait. I’m on an adventure! I’ve been known to stay up all night just to finish a book, only to blink in hazy realization that the sun has come up and I have to figure out how to get through the day. It’s still worth it.

Professionally, I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing and, now that I have the time to devote to it, am enjoying writing sweet romances. K-Pop Girl’s concept came to me born of my love for K-Pop and K-dramas. So, I thought it would be fun to combine them.

The second book of the series is completed and is currently with my Korean sensitivity reader/editor. Once she returns it, I will complete the editing and will begin the final work to publish it, too. I am busy writing the third book but also have many responsibilities. The most important of those are my elderly parents, both of whom have Alzheimer’s. I took care of them in my home for almost two years before they needed more professional help. Now I visit them at least twice a week at their memory care unit of assisted living. We continue to smile and laugh together as their memories slip away but I treasure the moments we have.

Writing is my therapy, although I also go to therapy when I need it. Mental health is just as important as physical health. So, please take care of yourselves!

I hope this little introduction has given you a glimpse into my life. My goal, in writing K-Pop Girl, is to make people happy when they read my books. I don’t shy away from heavy topics, because we all have our trials and my characters don’t get free passes either, but when you put down one of my books, I hope you sigh contentedly and then race to buy the next one in the series. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Thank you for reading about me. I’d love to hear from you, too.

But most of all, I hope you live well.

You are important. You are necessary. You are precious. Stay healthy!


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